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News Yemeni mess

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    I was listening to a discuss about Yemen, and it's unraveling is probably worthy of its own thread.

    US official: US was surprised by collapse of Yemen govt
    http://news.yahoo.com/us-official-us-surprised-collapse-yemen-govt-205612576.html [Broken]

    Western nations and Saudi Arabia are pulling out.

    Apparently the Shiite Houthis are aligned with Iran.
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    I'm surprised the U.S. was surprised. The county has been on the brink of state failure for awhile. Al Qaeda must be over joyed. The Middle East is truly in crisis. Making Africa look stable is not a good achievement.
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    At what level are people surprised? Collection and analysis of data? Or, "interpretation and assessment" for "decisions and policy?"
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    Im not sure how happy Al Qeada is, these rebels are shiite, while Al Qeada is sunni. Seems more like one of their enemies just got replaced by another enemy.
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