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Yerba Mate

  1. Sep 5, 2007 #1
    Where I grew up, everyone drinks mate, and I still do sometimes at home. This is from a news article, it summarizes most of what I've read about it:

    how much truth is there to all these claims? these days, it seems like every week something turns good for your health, then bad for your health, then good again, etc. etc. etc.
    also, how does mate compare to green tea for health benefits?

    from the sounds of it, not an awful lot of research has gone into this, but it sounds interesting (at least for someone who grew up with this drink).

    While I'm asking on the subject, might as well post some cool info on the subject of "mateine vs. caffeine," or if there even is a difference (hint: no).
    I post it because this is a pretty big myth in Argentina, since everyone is constantly (and I mean constantly) drinking mate.

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    In the last 50 years I have see / heard / read that all kinds of things were bad for you a short list off the top of my head
    Hot dogs,
    Baked Potato's,
    Can Tuna,

    the list go's on and on

    all or most all have been pardoned with moderation.

    moral of this story don't overdo it and stay away from the junk food, it will be fine.
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