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Yesterday and I don no

  1. Jun 8, 2004 #1
    on the day before today, I got a computer problem and my SirX came to help me, he asked what was my problem, I said my problem was just that my comp didn't work well with this old monitor and I needed a new one. My SirX said "Let me try do it for yeee, i will try to help yeee". I dunno anything then but the old monitor was still there and hewas gone after about 10 or 20 0r 30 mins, i don remeber, i poned him and asked why. He softly said "I.............................don't..........................know"

    I juts mean this as a fun stori, anyone wants to say soemtin fun ? Post !
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    What is SirX ?
    What did your post mean, exactly ?
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    Count me in! I already read and saw it quite clearly...
    We'll bring him out, i have a plan to play around with him, I'll call you tomorrow, tell Wkiev to prepare for the journey!

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    I have been working for you for over 2 weeks, and he and I have been suffering so much :cry: :cry:
    Pay us !!!!!!
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    Just joked!
    Hey, that the guy in the north eastern woods does seem to El.Ou.Vee.Eee you !
    Do you need a helping hand ?
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    Darn it!
    I swear I have seen him a couple of days ago after his meal. I swear about this..

    come on Man!!!
    we just joked!, we wanted to be at least yor friends.
    How could yor think we're like those Sick Seven Elevens, or a**kissers doggie-Elbola Sick Monk3is or such and such suckies *thingies*, ShirleyGodus-malebutnotmale, femalebutnotfemale,gaybutnotgay,lesbianbutnotlesbian ??

    Come on, everyone who reads this our posts but mightnot be able to figure out what the hek we are talking about...I am a representative for all to say many sorrys for that. This is a message to our BIG boss, and he is the one we want to understand!!!!

    It is juts a collection of differetn stamps from different people, 2 NJ (CS grad), 2 CA(1 Elec, 1 Eco :wink:), 1 VN(CS's AI, AL), 1 Iran(Materials grad), 1 HK(grad) and a ME.
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