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Yet another Comsol/Matlab compatibility question (problems in Red Hat)

  1. Jun 25, 2009 #1
    Hi all. Long time reader, first time poster (now that I have a question you might be able to answer ;-)

    I recently exported a mesh, a geometry (both as mphbin), and a weak form PDE model (as an m-file) from Comsol. Upon opening 'Matlab with Comsol', I had no problem executing the model m-file on either a server running up-to-date Solaris UNIX or a PC running Vista.

    I copied the same geometry, mesh, and m-file to a faster PC running RedHat Linux. When I try to execute the model m-file with Comsol/Matlab, the geometry and mesh files fail to load and I get several error messages (listed below). The m-file code for mesh and geometry import (automatically generated by Comsol) is also provided.

    (Note: This appears to be a Red Hat/Matlab specific error - Comsol is capable of handling meshes and executing the model on the Red Hat machine when I use the Comsol GUI.)

    Has anyone encountered this error?
    Does anyone know the cause (or propose possible causes)?
    Is there a known workaround for it?

    Any help would be appreciated - Thanks!

    Error message:
    Code (Text):
    [COLOR="Red"]??? Java exception occurred:
        com.femlab.jni.FlNativeException: Unknown or unsupported property
        Unknown or unsupported property
        - Property: sdim

    Stack trace:
        at prop.cpp, row 394, ()
        at com.femlab.util.Prop.getCanName(Native Method)
        at com.femlab.util.Prop.getCanName(Unknown Source)

    Error in ==> geomproputil at 38
      propstr = prop.getCanName(pvlist{i}).toCharArray';

    Error in ==> geomimport at 120
      prop = geomproputil(varargin);

    Error in ==> gapdefault at 18
     garr = geomimport('.\geom.mphbin', ...[/COLOR]
    Mesh/geometry import code:
    Code (Text):
    % Geometry
    % Import CAD data
    garr = geomimport('.\geom.mphbin', ...
                      'repairtol','1.0E-5', ...

    % Analyzed geometry
    clear f


    % Import mesh
    marr = meshimport('.\mesh.mphbin');
    fem.mesh = marr{1};
    fem = rmfield(fem,'geom');
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