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Yet another faster than light question

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    Yet another faster than light question....

    So I was thinking the other day: an electron experiences a significant energy gain and as a result a photon is jetted. This is how the photon is created, no?

    Ok then, I asked myself: is there a way to measure the energy level of the electron prior to the change in energy level (as it moves up), it's highest energy level before photon jetison and the energy of the photon once it has ben unleashed?

    Is it all possible that the photon is not using its full energy potential if the amount of energy contained within the photon is not equal to that of the electron's energy level at its maximum before photon creation?
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    You appear to have it a bit backwards there. A photon is emitted from an electron when it drops an energy level. Its energy is equal to that lost by the electron. You might have been misled by the fact that electrons in a laser are 'pumped up' prior to lasing.
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