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Homework Help: YIKES! Momentum and Impulse

  1. Nov 6, 2005 #1
    Ok, I've done work on this problem, but I think that everything I try is wrong. I can't get any help from my book or my teacher because he made it up and wants up to try it. But I have no clue how to start. Please help me :cry:

    A basketball (m = 0.57 kg) is dropped from rest. Just before striking the floor, the magnitude of the basketball's momentum is 2.5 kgm/s. At what height was the basketball dropped?
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    mass * velocity = momentum right?
    you know the mass so you can find velocity.
    do you know any equations that include velocity, acceleration and height?
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    Oh yeah...and so I would solve for velocity first then I would use the kinematic equation,for velocity acceleration and height? (vf^2)=(vi^2)+2ah ??
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    you got it
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    Thanks a bunch!!:smile:
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