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Yippy, I Got My Gumstix!

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    I just got my Gumstix Basix 400 in the mail today! :smile:


    This is such a cool little computer. It is literally the size of a stick of gum and runs on Linux. My goal is to build a portable microcomputer complete with touchscreen lcd, audio out and recharable battery pack. The case will probably be made out of plexiglass, although it would be nice if I could make a custom injection mold model.

    Who needs to buy an ipod when you can just build one! :tongue2:
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    Math Is Hard

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    wow! That's really neat! I want a teeny tiny computer!!
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    neat indeed, I just read about that computer that you crank to get power they are going to use in third world countries
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    Here is a guy that rigged up a gumstix with gps and a camera, and put it on a balloon:

    http://www.srcf.ucam.org/~jac208/pegasus/pegasus1.html [Broken]
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