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Yo man u seem really really smart. i was wondering if u dont mind me

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    yo man u seem really really smart. i was wondering if u dont mind me asking where did u go to school and what did u major in. i love math, its fascinating, and u seem to have a very in depth understanding of it so if u dont mind could u tell me? also i dont have a question. 2+2/2 wahts the answer 2 or 3? there are no parenthesis i know that would change it.
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    2+2/2 = 2+1 = 3

    Why? Order of operations.

    here's a way to remember...
    Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally

    In other words, first solve brackets, then parentheses, then multiplication/division, then addition/subtraction last.

    In the case of "2 + 2/2"...
    First: Division (2/2)
    Second: Addition (2+1)

    Thus, 2+2/2 = 3
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    Actually, "Hals" is my cousin. I'm "Halls"!
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    You all look the same to me.

    - Warren
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    ah, a typo discovered i have. mb. also i thought that you were supposed to work left to right? isnt that a rule too? maybe im just crazy.
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    No, you READ left to write (well, those of us of European linguistic bent). You do operations in the defined order as Brum said. As far as you being crazy- I wouldn't presume.
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