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You and Newton

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    What modern physics experiments could you, brought back to the time of Newton, have reproduced with then existing technology?
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    With static electricity, microscopes and even a poor vacuum, you can do Milliken's oil drop. Of course, when I did it as an undergrad (in the 1980's) using fairly modern equipment (from the 1960's) I got +/- 300% error. Not quite good enough to prove quantization of charge.

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    With an excellent lab partner in freshman advanced physics at Yale, I performed the oil-drop experiment, and from his statistics obtained an e/me accuracy of +/- 1%. My swan song.

    I was thinking that Newton could have found an approximation for the blackbody spectrum using prisms.
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    Simple demostration of Beurnulli's (sp?) findings on lift. Just hold a piece of paper and blow across the top and watch as the paper rises because of the lower pressure of the high speed air across the top.
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    Well they had magnets, and they had copper, so the whole field of electromagnetism would be a good one. Not exactly 'modern' I suppose but once you had some electricity to play with, you could cobble together so many different experiments.......
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