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You Can't Handle The Truth!

  1. May 21, 2004 #1
    Jack Nicholson said the words and we thought that he was a misguided milatary commander.

    What the hell do people think war is? What we are seeing in the news is "REAL WAR"! sorry, there ain't no good guys or guys in white hats. you can not send troops into combat, have them see brutality and killing and then expect them to act like gentlemen when the shooting war stops. in fact, with terrorist being hostile they are still in serious danger and want to remove the insurgents.

    these are soldiers (fighting men) how can we ask them to risk life and limb and follow a humanitarian code. "in combat, i will do what i have to do to survive. if i get caught doing something wrong, i worry about that later".

    do we as civilians want to hide from the reality of war? if so, then don't add your endorsement. if you find 'our sins' offensive then it is time to rethink our military posture completely.

    if war and it's details are offensive, then do not allow it to be a solution to any of our political - social - cultural problems.

    love and peace,
    olde drunk

    ps: sorry, but i am disgusted at our sense of out rage over all the bad news comming out of Iran. what the hell did people expect! i am a pacifist and understand war. i do not understand this outrage from hawks.
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