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You guys do pinnacles (yet)?

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    Well, I appear to be faced with one again. Like giving your PhD defense. That's a pinnacle I've not experienced. However, I've made dovetails which are another sort of pinnacle. I also rebuilt a 302. Another. I seem to want to do an electric service upgrade for my home and that is another pinnacle, the boring details I won't bother with here. Not so much because I can't get someone else to do it, but rather because well, it's a pinnacle. Is that stupid of me? Anyway, aren't pinnacles a distinctly admirable human quality? May you and your children work on many pinnacles in your lifetime. :)
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    I've never seen pinnacle used that way before, instead of the word "goal".
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    Goals are different than doing something at the pinnacle of the profession. Take for example my 302. Now you can work on your car. Have a goal of tuning it up with spark plugs, filters, etc. But to rebuild an engine. Now that is at the height of automotive mechanics. Take a window sash. That is at the pinnacle of joinery. You guys don't watch Roy Underhill huh? I digress.

    Take the Olympics. They are all doing things at the height of there profession. Something that you have to be very good at to do. Like that electric upgrade. That is at the height of an electrician profession and I've never done it before and I'm not an electrician. You guys could warn me about it you know. I could get electrocuted or let's see, if I cross polarities at the meter or panel, it would cause a big spark (when it's connected to power) and the PoCo (that's power company for those in the know) would be really mad at me.

    It's another dilemma for me. I'm always solving problems in my life it seems. My son tells me that's life though.
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    I have climbed in California's Pinnacles. It is a volcanic formation that is just like pebbles glued to glass.
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    I think you are making pinnacle shaped mountains out of goal sized molehills here.

    Moles are pretty good at making molehills, but I'm never seen a mole with with an over-inflated ego. Maybe that's why the moles don't make pinnacles. Possibly, a mole with an over-inflated ego would get stuck in its burrow and not be able to make anything at all, or even catch enough worms to stay alive - that's why you don't see many of them around.
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    This one should go in the personal what ever you called it too Ms. Evo? Anyway, been thinking a lot about that service upgrade. It is by far much more than a mole hill and I am frankly a little less-than-100%-confident about it. Not that I don't understand the technicalities of electricity. I've done a lot of hobby electronics and home wiring, rather just the work. Still, it's a pinnacle for sure and no one could convince me otherwise.

    I guess I like striving for excellence.

    Edit: Got another one: a friend of mine has a serious cracked-ceiling problem. Been talking with some pros. Really a serious problem requiring a lot of work. Now to do all that work such that you can't tell a large section of a house has been renovated, not even in the relatively smallest of detail? Well, that's a pinnacle too. :)
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