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Medical You Walk Wrong

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    It took 4 million years of evolution to perfect the human foot. But we’re wrecking it with every step we take.


    Hype or is there any real substance behind this?
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    I thought that it was well written, and myself, being a barefoot kinda person really half to agree. Now that the weathers nice again, the second I get off of work, my shoes come off. Over the course of the 5 cold months, I have several foot related complaints, that seem to vanish when warm weather comes around.
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    I tend to agree with a lot of what's in the article too. I don't know how much actual research has been done (they cite a few studies), but it is consistent with my anecdotal experience. Shoes keep your feet from interacting with the ground the way they need to in order to maintain good balance. You can move your foot around in the shoe, but the same amount of sole is contacting the floor.

    I can stand for hours on the weekend or evening while getting chores done at home or cooking, etc., always barefoot or only socks on, and have no problems at all. But, if I stand for just 30 min with shoes on, my feet start getting sore, then my ankles and knees. I really hate sneakers because they confine my feet too much and I can't even wiggle my toes in them very well. Granted, I'm not going to give up rubber boots when working in sheep pens, or warm fuzzy boots in the snow...there are some safety reasons to wear shoes...but in terms of what feels best for my feet, getting those shoes off at the end of the day is always the most relieving feeling.

    I'd be interested in seeing more research on this, seeing if the shoe designs intended to correct foot problems really are causing more of them. Maybe less is more and we need to rethink our approach to footwear.
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