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    Hey guys!

    I've got a new theory of everything! (TOE). Turns out Einstein was dead wrong!! Relativity is all nonsense! :biggrin: My theory is based on crazy particle wave stringy things that I call "pf'ions". I derived their existence after revising the foundations of mathematics. My NEW mathematical system hinges on my redefinition of the number system so that 0.9999999...... is NOT equal to 1 :surprised NOT only that, but I've patented a new anti-gravity/perpetual motion/time travel device based on my theory. Guess what?!?! It works using..uh...superconductors and, uh, cold fusion, and uh, magnetic fields!

    Oh BTW, does anybody around here by any chance have the answers to the problems in chapters 7-9 in Griffiths Electrodynamics? I would appreciate fully worked out solutions to all of the problems. Thank you in advance for your help!

    Oh, I heard something about "perturbation theory" today. I have never heard of that before. I was wondering if somebody could explain everything about it to me. Right here. In one post. Much appreciated guys!

    (*waits to be summarily executed by a firing squad consisting of PF sisterhood, and all newly appointed PF super mentors in their fancy green combat fatigues*)
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    And who said that Theory Development was pointless you must have learned it all there. With a little imagination and no brains you can make most any contraption 110% efficient!
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    I think your thread title has broken one elementary rule of PF:

    DO NOT ADVERTISE YOUR WORK!!!!!!!!!! :grumpy: :tongue2: :tongue2:

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    No, thats my job. *this sentence was going to read "I execute the failures" but the computer science joke ahd to be avoided, and the line has been rewritten* I take care of the failures.
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    :rofl: :rofl: Wait, you forgot to post your 300,000 word personal theory showing that the laws of physics as we know them are all wrong, and you can't believe that you alone discovered this! Of course it won't all fit into one post so it has to be broken down into a series of 10 consecutive posts. (explaining that you haven't done the math yet, but it's not really necessary since you are so obviously correct)
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    :rofl: But, of course if anyone asks about the math, he has to remember to tell them they should do it themselves, because he can't be bothered to do such elementary calculations for people who can't be bothered to read his theory correctly and google their own answers about it.
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    It's still inferior to my ToE, which is based on the idea that sunlight is really just really really really small 'X's made out of anti-proton gravitic subforum grey matter. It works too, and I know how to travel back and forwards in time too, the patriots will win the superbowl, watch and see.
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