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Younger Dryas - again

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    jim mcnamara

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    Pre-publish article:


    Mukul Sharma of Dartmouth claims there is very good evidence that the extremely rapid draining of Lake Agassiz about 12900ya is only a partial contributor to the cold period (Younger Dryas) that started 12900ya. There is geological evidence of a large meteor impact in Quebec at the same time. He claims that is the primary cause.

    The register article mentions other posited effects: start of the Megafauna extinction, an increase agriculture by Native American peoples.

    I think we should reserve judgement until the paper is out. But a "head's up" is in order.
    This will be out shortly in PNAS, which is kind of home to somewhat speculative articles sometimes. IMO. Obviously they are refereed papers.
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    Thank you Jim!
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