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Youngs and single slit experiments

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    I have questions that i am hoping someone can confirm my answers to, plz.

    1) In youngs double split experiment, if the seperation between the slits decreased wouldnt the distance increase between the interference fringes? I say yes, i used this formula to derive my conclusion. sin[the]= m[lamb] / d. am i correct?

    2) In a single slit diffraction experiment, if the width of the slit increases wouldnt the width of the central maximum on a screen increase as well? Is this true, from the pics and what ive read i believe it is but wanted a knowledgeable opinoin on this question
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    Tom Mattson

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    Homework problems go in the Homework Help forum, OK? These questions ain't theoretical physics.


    Look at the formula for the minima and try again.
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