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Young's double slit experiment using polarised light

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    How will the Fringe system in a Young's double slit experiment affected if,
    1] a pair of polarising sheets P1 and P2, one before each of the slits S1 and S2, such that their transmission directions are parallel.

    2] what will be the effect if the transmission lines are mutually orthogonal

    3] in addition to the situation 2] above, one adds an analyzer A between the slits and the observation screen whose transmitting direction is at [itex]\pi /4[/itex] to those of P1 and P2

    4] in addition to the situation in 3] one adds polariser P between light source S and P1 and P2. In what orientation of P the contrast is maximum?
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    Sounds like a College Homework Question.
    in [1], do the polarizers do anything?
    in [2] and later, are you presuming that
    each slit does not re-polarize the transmitted light?
    it seems that the only reason to have 2 slits here
    is to coverge different polarizations.
    Might be better to use 2 half-lenses.
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