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Homework Help: Young's experiment related questions

  1. Sep 25, 2012 #1

    I'll be posting questions in relation to Young's experiment. My first question (for now):

    Given a set a of minima (m) values [were m is from -10 (included) to +10 (included)], their corresponding distance from central point (where laser beam shines if nothing obstructs its path) and the distance between diffraction plate and screen (where laser is displaying max/min pattern), how would one go about calculating:

    a) θ, b) sinθ ---> These values will be used later on to calculate distance between splits

    One would think that the obvious answer is tan(gent) (opposite length which is distance of minima from center / length to screen) but I am not sure. Logically, one would be inclined to try and calculate the above using only sin(e) equation.
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