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Young's Mod and Spring Constant of a disk

  1. Oct 15, 2003 #1
    [SOLVED] Young's Mod and Spring Constant of a disk

    Hello, I am trying to find the proper thickness of a disk. In the center of the disk I will attach a steel rod which holds a certain fixed mass. The disk must be a fixed diameter and it can be any reasonable material or thickness. I would like to use something like aluminum.
    Knowing the Diameter of the disk, mass of the attached wieght, and assuming I have access to any material and it's young's modulus....
    I need to find a material and a material thickness that will result in a total system resonance of 110Hz.

    So I have a spring-mass system with a set mass, needed resonance, and variables of Material(young's) and Disk thickness with which to find.

    This is not a homework problem. I am an engineer (obviously not an experienced one) who is having a brain block. Any usable help (an equation relating all my variables) will be rewarded (if you send me a private email w/name and address).

    Thanks a lot.
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