Youngs modulus of elesticity

  1. I am trying to calculate youngs modulus of elasticity for results from a tensile test but cant seem to get a figure close to that of the common figure for the material

    Material 0.1% carbon steel
    Area = 20 x 10-6
    Yield force = 6009N
    Length increase at yield force = 0.537mm = 0.000537m
    Original length = 25.6mm = 0.0256m

    E = σ/ε

    E = (6006/20x10-6) / (0.000537/0.0256)
    E = 14.32 x 109
    Typical value = 207 x 109

    Iv obviously went very wrong somewhere but i dont know where

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  3. Your calculations seem fine, what is the unit of the area? You can also make sure that the force is in N, not in kN or something.
  4. The unit of area is m^2, and the force was 6.009 KN so 6009 N. Its way off the typical value though, it doesnt make sense?
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