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Homework Help: Youngs Modulus problem - Grrr

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    Heres my problem.
    Youngs modulus for lead: 1.6exp10 N/m^2. Density of Lead: 11,4g/cm^3.
    Mass of one mole lead: 207g
    Model the interactions as if they were connected by springs.
    Determine distance between lead atoms and approx spring constant.

    Easy enough Y= K/d But what is bugging me is d. dia of atom
    How do you determine d from density and the mass of one mole?
    And how do u relate it to the distance between atoms?
    It is keeping me up.
    Probably very easy but just not seeing it.

    PS: dont know if we use different notation is SA
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    If you assume that each atom of lead is a point mass (has mass but zero volume), then the problem is greatly simplified.
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