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Your best day your worst day

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    What was your best day or your worst day? my worst day was when i found out i was mentally ill, before that my best day was when i pased my private pilot's test
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    Lots of good days as a physicist, usually related to a new discovery. Being the first person to realize something is just cool, and it does not get old.
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    Fell in love and fell in love.
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    Aww, i wish i could fall in love.
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    I really don't know should it be a best day, the whole year 2015 (except some days) have been great for me. But yesterday was a super day. Really super.
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    Worst day was when my youngest brother died, then being with my parents at his funeral and interment.

    Best days, were when my children were born, when I got married, and other special days with family and dear friends.
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    Hard to say what's the best day ever was but the best day this year was the first day with my 9yo girl and family at Disneyworld.

    My professional worst day(s) was the April 24-April 25, 1980debacle”.
    This was the beginning of Americas war with Militant Islam.
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