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Your Dream Come True thread

  1. Mar 11, 2011 #1
    Your "Dream Come True" thread

    Now, to be perfectly straight with you all: I honestly don't consider myself very materialistic (or at least, I didn't used to be). As a matter of fact, I seriously thought for a long time about joining the church--maybe the Franciscans (pun not intended)--and about taking the vows. I honestly admire both nuns and monks (whether Catholic or Buddhist) immensely.

    Still after 8 years of a lot of self-imposed denial, getting kicked around a lot, and not really having what I need even just to survive financially; I think I've pretty much had it with poverty all together.

    I still don't really want anything extravagant, mind you--I just don't want to own things that break down constantly; or have to put up with situations that are insufficient for basic comfort. Frankly, I'm tired of worrying about stupid, stupid crap, when I could be working on important projects. I want to be helpful--and to make sacrifices where necessary--but I'm absolutely done with being abused.

    So, suffice it to say: poverty--you're on notice!

    [PLAIN]http://photos-e.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/200527_176600289052354_100001071534511_400591_368145_s.jpg [Broken]

    And lately: all I can ever seem to think about is actually nesting, in a sense; and to get past the mundane inadequacies of my life.

    Anyway, I just had this notion somehow: of posting some pictures of what I actually want (to literally visualize my dreams); and naturally, I encourage all of you to do the same. I consider it therapeutic, and psychologically purging; if not flagrantly crazy.

    "But I can dream at least, can't I?"

    Here then is a thread, maybe for your own personal rainbows & unicorns (if that's anyone's thing). I'll go first.


    To live here:

    [PLAIN]http://i824.photobucket.com/albums/zz168/FrancisBear/2062008_2.jpg?t=1299835378 [Broken]

    To drive this car:


    To wear this suit:

    And maybe--if I'm able to get married some day also--I think I'd like to wear a tuxedo like this:


    Incidentally, of late I find that I keep getting trapped at home on Saturdays (since we've been sharing a vehicle at the Ziegler's since December :cry:); and so, I usually end up somehow watching WE network programs with my mother and sisters (if this thread is any indication). :biggrin:

    That is why, in conclusion, I'd just like to point out an observation I've made of wedding gowns on television...

    Ahem: they never seem to have sleeves. And I happen to like sleeves.

    So dammit--in my personal unicorn world of happiness--they'll be sleeves on MY bride!


    I like this old dress. I'm just say'in.

    Happy daydreaming folks. :wink:
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    Re: Your "Dream Come True" thread

    I suppose I'm lucky,I have many dreams and most of them regularly come true.One of them is going to happen tomorrow night,a hot chicken curry with Bombay potatoes and naan bread.
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    Re: Your "Dream Come True" thread

    Welcome to the darkside :wink: Have a nice day !

    Money are just a tool to make your ends come true. They will make you happy.

    Im just say'in , whats in the dress is more important than the dress. And the dress should let her be seen by all :P

    [PLAIN]http://www.weddingred.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/short-wedding-dress4.jpg [Broken]
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    Re: Your "Dream Come True" thread

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    Re: Your "Dream Come True" thread

    I told my wife that since her wedding gown didn't have sleeves, we're not technically married. She immediately sent me into a dream state. In my dream I was reading math and physics books all the day long, because to me, poverty is not having the time to read.
  7. Mar 11, 2011 #6
    Re: Your "Dream Come True" thread

    I think your dreams are far from materialistic, just the natural desire to have comfort without ostentation. Go for it!

    @DanP: I need to take a cold shower.

    @alt: :rofl:
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    Re: Your "Dream Come True" thread

    I would like 10 million FF miles.
  9. Mar 11, 2011 #8
    Re: Your "Dream Come True" thread

    You'd be a marked man Greg... every hand turned against you, eye's glittering luridly with lust for your miles. I'd hunt you like game if I thought the kill would net me 10mil FF miles!!! :tongue2:

    First Class... mmmmmm...
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    Re: Your "Dream Come True" thread

    My dream... I want to be able to learn any foreign language as though I were born to it.
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    Re: Your "Dream Come True" thread

    I have everything. Actually, my wife and I are considering vehicle-consolidation. She would take over my Subaru Forester, we'd sell the Nissan pickup and the Subaru Legacy sedan, and I'd buy a car-based pickup with enough cargo-space to make runs to the transfer-station/recycling center every couple of weeks. So far, the Honda Ridgeline looks like a likely suspect.
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    Re: Your "Dream Come True" thread

    I want this Jeep.

    And this fireplace:

    In this mountain cabin:
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    Re: Your "Dream Come True" thread

    So, what's stopping you? Get an education, a good job, and make it happen! The only real way to put your poverty on notice is to claw your way out of it, step by agonizing step...
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    Re: Your "Dream Come True" thread

    I have 2 AWD vehicles and a 4x4 Pickup, a wood-stove that heats our little log home easily, a really great garden-spot with a Kubota 28 hp diesel to till it and spread amendments. Most importantly, I have a loving wife, and a dog that is too sweet for words. At this point in our lives, we are looking to consolidate and simplify, not to accumulate more stuff. As long as we can get diesel for the tractor and gasoline for the cars and generator, we can ride out about anything that nature can throw at us.

    If the Federal Reserve stopped giving away taxpayer money at practically no interest so that interest rates would rise to levels of about 5 years ago, that would be a "Dream Come True" because our savings would once again start generating income from interest.
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    Re: Your "Dream Come True" thread

    Making money is easy, and there are jobs that require minimal education that pay very well. It just depends on whether you want a job that pays well, or if you care what you are actually doing.

    Dreaming big is indeed good for you. Luckily I'm working towards my dream right now. I want to go back to school and finish my BS in Mech. Engr. I've been working in a chemical plant for 5 years and saving, so that I could go back without any debt. I started with two classes this spring, and while I'm still working now, every day could be my last. I'll be back full time in the fall.

    BTW, I got here because I spent too much time early on chasing unicorns.
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    Re: Your "Dream Come True" thread

    A least, did you managed to mount one ? :smile:
  17. Mar 11, 2011 #16

    Ivan Seeking

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    Re: Your "Dream Come True" thread

    I too considered the priesthood... until I discovered sex! :biggrin: By puberty all such notions had been washed away by hormones and primal lust. But I agree with your perception of priests and nuns. On the average, they are truly extraordinary people.

    Can't say enough good about setting goals. My experience has been that goals are only realized when clearly identified, visualized, and then accepted in the heart as inevitable. The biggest obstacle to success in life is often the mind.

    I would stress that friends and family are often the first to tell you that failure is inevitable. Believe in yourself and ignore the rest. It was surprising to discover that many people who allegedly care about you, will expend great effort to convince you that success is not possible. You can't fly like an eagle if you're hanging with turkeys!
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    Re: Your "Dream Come True" thread

    Curry is stronger than Charlie Sheen--it'll melt pretty much anything (and not just a face).

    Leaves nothing to the imagination Dan. Besides--I really do like sleeves.

    I like that--that's clever.

    Since the popularization of the internet, pretty much all I do in my spare time IS read.

    I certainly will try.

    Ah! You'd just end up losing your luggage eventually. And who needs to go through the anal probe every time you want to fly to Disneyland anyway.

    Can I interest you in a "slightly" used El Camino? :biggrin:


    I honestly have my BS in Physics thus far. But I've been sidetracked for about 8 years.

    That's exactly the trade off I hate having to make: I really liked teaching; but it just isn't sensible anymore. I can't support myself on $30k-$40k when I am actually working (and I'm not honestly at the moment). I have to help get my younger sister through school as well.

    I admire that, honestly, very much.


    I know exactly what you mean.
  19. Mar 11, 2011 #18
    Re: Your "Dream Come True" thread

    Look at the TIRES on that thing!

    Hmmm... if you had a '61 mustang... now that would be ccchhhhaaaat.
  20. Mar 11, 2011 #19


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    Re: Your "Dream Come True" thread

    Seconded. No miento.

    Another dream of mine is for there to be more than 24 hours in a day so I can get more stuff done.
    To accomplish that we'll set some asteroids on near-tangent collision courses with Earth...
  21. Mar 11, 2011 #20
    Re: Your "Dream Come True" thread

    Why do I get the sense that you should be banned from PF on the ground that the more you learn, the closer you come to becoming an Evil Overlord? :rofl:
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