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Your Empathy Quotient (and your systemizing quotient)

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    I wonder if people here tend to have lower EQs and higher SQs than that of the general population. High SQs are almost essential for science and engineering and ones with high EQs tend to gravitate towards other fields. High SQs and low EQs can be summarized by Marie Curie's famous quote "Be less curious about people and more curious about things."



    Empathy Quotient: 11
    Systemizing Quotient:65
    Extreme S

    You would think I would be exceptionally knowledgable in the maths and the sciences judging by my stats here. But I really am not; Asperger's presents enough difficulties academically (with my very poor executive and study skills).

    I actually think that people with a low EQ but a high SQ can get along best with those on the opposite ends of both spectra, where both can complement each other with their strengths (and where the person with high EQ is willing to understand the one with low EQ). Perhaps this explains why there are some scientists with wives completely unrelated to their profession.


    And while I'm at it, how about the Autism spectrum test?


    I received 47 on that test. SOmeone once said that a dash of autism could even be required for science and the arts. While this may not be true, I still believe that scientists would be somewhat moe autistic than others on average.
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    I got 65 on the empathy test. 45 on the systemising test.

    Which is B, balanced.

    And that third test, the autism one, is very hard to mark.
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  4. Sep 13, 2004 #3
    EQ of 45
    SQ of 34

    The Bob (2004 ©)
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    Empathy Quotient - 48. It probably would have been higher if my friends would talk to me more often so that I can give advice.

    Systemizing Quotient - 56. Im often criticized by my friends for overanalyzing things :redface:

    Overall im Type S.
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    believe it or not i have an EQ of 3 and an SQ of 44

    i am really not in touch with my emotions, and i dont want to be, when someone says my friend died, i'm like ohh gee that sucks while not knowing how or what to reply

    i guess for me it's all sumed up in the quote " there is a disease in the hart of man, its symptom is hate, it's symptom is anger, it's symptom is rage, it's symptom is war. The disease is human emotion"
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    19 on EQ and 48 on SQ

    33 on the third test.
  8. Sep 14, 2004 #7
    EQ - 15

    SQ - 56
    Extreme S

    I scored 41 on the AQ test. Even though I suffer problems at school, my parents have never referred me to a professional psychologist.

    It's funny to think that I was once selected to be a Junior Ambassador for my country for an international gathering of students from Asian Pacific countries. I was chosen because I spoke and wrote better English than most students. I think they have changed the selection criteria, having realised that language and social skills do not correlate.
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    I got an EQ = 40 and SQ = 32

    But, then I thought some of those questions were pretty odd. For example, on the EQ test, one of the statements is:
    "I can easily tell if someone wants to enter a conversation."
    So, without asking anyone else, how would they know if my answer reflected anything about how I actually perform in a social situation? If I was completely, socially inept, I might think of course I can tell, when everyone else around me would say, "NO WAY! She never has a clue about these things!"

    And then there were a lot of questions formatted like this one on the SQ test:
    "I often make resolutions, but find it hard to stick to them."

    There are two statements to respond to here: "I often make resolutions" and "I find it hard to stick to them." What do I answer if I don't often make resolutions, but when I do, I stick to them? Would that be scored the same as someone who does often make resolutions but doesn't stick to them?
  10. Sep 15, 2004 #9
    Eq: 12
    Sq: 74
  11. Sep 16, 2004 #10
    Wow... extreme S, right?

    AMW Bonfire
  12. Sep 16, 2004 #11
    I don't buy it. That test makes it seem like I'd be antisocial and unable to have friendships. I don't really have any problems with making friends.
  13. Sep 16, 2004 #12
    EQ 57
    SQ 32
    Between Types B & E

    AQ 19
  14. Sep 16, 2004 #13
    EQ 47
    SQ 58

    A huge problem with these quizzes is that we often answer not how we are but how we see ourselves, and those two things are not always the same.
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    EQ 34 I found that draining... phew.

    SQ...maybe later
  16. Sep 16, 2004 #15


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    EQ 44
    SQ 24
    AQ 11

    All the things these tests don't ask?
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    Empathy is mostly genetic and cannot necessarily be odified.

    It's hard to force oneself to feel empathy. Much easier to force oneself to be social and nice.

    I don't have much empathy at all. But I still force myself to be nice to others. It's just difficult for me to understand the viewpoints of others.
  18. Sep 19, 2004 #17
    Eq 11
    Sq 48
  19. Apr 27, 2005 #18
    EQ 15
    SQ 55
    AQ 41

    Hmm. It's odd, because I generally considered myself a compassionate person. Analytical too, but... Wow. I even retook it to try to improve my score and got the exact same thing.
  20. Apr 27, 2005 #19
    EQ 42
    SQ 37

    These tests were obviously "cooked" to exaggerate the difference between genders. For example, I noticed many questions on the SQ test that actually belonged on the EQ test, and vice versa, such as #13 on the EQ test ("I would never break a law, not matter how minor") and #16 on the SQ test ("I am bad about keeping in touch with old friends").

    Also many of the questions on the EQ test do not measure actual empathy, but instead unrelated traits that are sometimes associated with empathy, and the same on the SQ test. For example, whether I like to watch a movie alone or with friends, whether I "dream most nights," or whether I try to solve problems alone or discuss them are irrelevant to emotional ability, and whether I enjoy participating in sport or am curious about life on other planets is irrelevant to systematizing tendency.
  21. Apr 27, 2005 #20

    I didn't take the last one yet.
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