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Your experience ?

  1. Jun 22, 2011 #1
    How often do you get hard to recall the name of person(or friend) who is near you , at school, college or your workplace?
    It often happens to me. And it is so embarassing.

    Moreover it is much embarassing to ask that particular freind for his name or others to tell his or her name.

    Then I keep it myself in my head waiting and thinking to pop the name of that person in my head. And I feel, it goes over my head.

    your experience .....please?
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    That's why I always carry my driver's licence with me even if I am not driving.
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    Sorry ,but I didn't understand. I was talking about recalling the names of person who is near you.
    You seem to be talking about recalling your own name.
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    Reminds me of


    Anyway, I'm terrible with names. I always forget them...
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    nice cartoon .......
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    It doesn't happen to me, or at least as far as I recall. It might be because I don't know the name of most people in my class. I know the name of 2 of them in fact. I have only a few more friends so that might explain why I don't forget their name.
    And about Jimmy Snyder... lol again. I'm having fun when I read your posts in this forum. That was hilarious.
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    I know exactly what your mean. It must be some sort of inherited trait or something because my father had the same problem.

    Quick.........What's your name? :)
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    I AM the worst. [URL]http://www.planetsmilies.com/smilies/sad/sad0015.gif[/URL]
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    Here's a trick I learned from my father-in-law, who was in sales and had to remember a lot of people's names. When he was introduced to someone, he would make a point of repeating their name out loud, as in, " This is Rachel,", and you respond, "Hi, Rachel." Just the act of saying their name out loud helps to remember it. Other people have told me that they think up some funny (or dirty) imagery to go with the person's name - for example if the person's name is Phil, you imagine 'fill'-ing their head up with water. These vivid images help a lot in being able to recall their name later.
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    Seriously, my mom would do the same - and she'd sometimes get to the dog's name before finding the right one!

    But I wonder if it's modeled rather than inherited. I grew up in a house where proper names were rarely used, but instead pet names were the norm. Remembering, or even just using, proper names is something I struggle with, too.
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    I can see where that would be embarrassing.
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    When I was in my thirties and something like that happened, my sister-in-law would say, "Remember that this happens at this age. Otherwise in twenty years you'll assume it's senility".

    Twenty years later, I am very grateful for her observation.
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    I know exactly what you're talking about. It's awful. I've gotten to where I just ask the person their name or use some generic name, like dude, man, etc. It ends up making me sound immature, but I guess that's better than making them think their so unimportant to you that you can't remember their name (which is what most people assume, I presume).
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    Thank god. I'm not alone. I love these forums.

    Nine out of ten time, my mom calls me Brad (my brother). Must be inherited?
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    I'm bad with names on a regular basis -_- Maybe ppl should start changing their names to Sedna, Neptune, Ceres, Eris or something else I can actually remember :tongue2:
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    i'm not only bad with names, i have trouble recalling the exact word i want to use.
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    I think if your brother calls you Brad, you might have a case that it's inherited.
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    My nickname is Skip and my friend's brother-in-law's is Chip. When he calls me on the phone, it's about 50:50 that he's going to call me the wrong name at least once.

    BTW, I grew up with my friend and have known him well for 40+ years, AND he was married to my sister for a few years.
  21. Jun 23, 2011 #20
    This happens to me with prolonged sleep deprivation, or I say the wrong thing even though I am thinking the right thing
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