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Your favorite 3rd grade joke

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    My girlfriend keeps ribbing me for telling potty-mouth jokes. Seems that I got the jokes in question from the Nth grade, N<6. Can you dredge up a real "milk-snot" gag from your puerile past?
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    Farting is always funny.
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    I can't remember that far back. :biggrin: I was too serious in elementary school, and I couldn't tell jokes very well. Most of the time, I didn't understand other peoples jokes - probably a consequence of Asperger's or my slightly autistic mind.

    I did however enjoy Bugs Bunny and British comedy/humor. :tongue:
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    So's your face

    I actually can't remember any 3rd grade jokes. That is probably because I learned English in third grade....
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    Your mother.
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    The "pen fifteen" club is always classic. Just write PEN15 a some guy's stuff and tell him he's now part of the club.
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    lol @ pen15 club
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    And then tell him he has free membership on Pen Island - at www. penisland. com.
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    Enter 55378008 into a calculator and then look at it upside down. That'll have a 3rd-grader rolling on the floor.
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    Eeeee heeee heeee! Boobies! Heee heeeee!
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    In Boy Scouts, Bill Jones bet Dominique that he could f@rt 100 times in a row. He did so, almost crapping his pants. Apparantly he was equipped (like any good Scout) with the ability to recirculate his flati.

    There's a monkey in the grass
    With a bullet up his @ss
    Take it out, take it out
    Be a good Boy Scout!
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    The way I heard it was like this.

    There was a woman who weighed 98 (9, 8) but wanted to weigh 88 (8, 8) but she could only get her weight down to 93 (9, 3) so she took 7 pills (*, 7) 4 times a day (*, 4) for two months (*, 2) and she ended up (=).
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    They had the internet when you were in 3rd grade?
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    Chi Meson

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    Why was six afraid of seven?
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    because 7 8 9, lol
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    Q: What did A say to E?
    A: I owe you.

    Q: What did the big firecracker say to the little firecracker?
    A: My pop is bigger than yours.

    Q: What did the dog say to the cat?
    A: Woof.

    Q: What's yellow and can't swim?
    A: A bulldozer.

    Q: What's brown and sticky?
    A: A stick.
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    It's www.penisland.net . I notice he's updated his site. No more warnings about bogus E-mails. I don't think he actually sells any pens. He makes money selling pen ads and links to other pen companies.

    The spoof site, http://www.penisland.org/pl.htm [Broken] is better.
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    roflmao pen island :cry: :rofl: that's exactly my style; i love that stupid juvenile stuff :approve: the zucker bros seem to make movies that a 10 yr old would think is funny. i remember laughing my head off at brain donors & http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92R20ImGNCU" (ffwd to ~8:37 :cry:)
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