Your favorite MUSIC

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Your favorite MUSIC!

What's your favorite type of music? Do you play an instrument? favorite singer/composer?

I love classical, celtic, choral, jazz, piano sonatas and alternative rock.
I play flute and piano.
My favorite composer is Fredrick [something] Handel. I love his opera, Messiah. Seriously good compser. Does anyone else like him?
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Five years ago I would have said HEavy Metal was my favourite music, and that that was all there was.

Now I have a greater appreciation for music. I'd say if I had to classify my interests, they would be:

Rock, Jazz, and Grunge (Which seems to be fairly dead now a days).

My favoruite Bands are:

Metallica, Creed, Silverchair, Grinspoon, ...

My favourite singer is Daniel Johns of Silverchair.

I play Guitar,and love it soooo much. I wish I had more time to play it. If I had my way I'd be playing all day every day.
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1) My favorite type of music is either classical (mainly piano, but I love symophonic and chamber music too, as well as most other kinds of classical music) or rock.

2) Yes, I play the piano.

3) Well, my favorite composers are: Schumman, Chopin, Brahms, Vivaldi, Mendelsson (entirely clueless as to the spelling of that name), Debussy, and Rimsky-Korsakov. I also like Rachmaninoff, Shubert, Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Handel, and Hayden.

My favorite bands are: Disturbed (edited please, I can't take foul language), Creed, Metallica, Default, Saliva, and 3 doors down. There are lots of others, but I don't have time to name them all.
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Shady electronica of the harder edged 'Warp' variety, i.e. Aphex Twin, Two Lone Swordsman, Autechre, Mira Calix and Squarepusher - generally, if Radiohead or Kid606 have ripped them off recently, I'll probably like it. Melancholy romanticism such as Berlioz's Requiem, and ludicrous pomp along the lines of Wagner is always a winner as well.

Although I do list 'Rave Anthems', gabba, and 90's alternative rock amongst my considerable stash of guilty pleasures.

As for instruments, I can play the Guitar, drums and just about bash out a melody on a beaten up old cello at home, but I prefer to play things that make repetitive beeping and whirring noises. The microwave is a surprisingly versatile instrument.
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I'm a guitarist, and I like guitar-based music...rock, metal, blues.
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What's your favorite type of music?

I like chant, pop, rap, rock, heavy metal, classical, industrial and blues.

Do you play an instrument?

Nope, but i'd like to learn to play the piano.

favorite singer/composer?

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hey... another IDM fan, cool. I dig Squarepusher, but mainly now I am listening to more downtempo stuff like K&D, a lot of Ninja Tunes.

I used to play the trumpet in high school, but I'm terribly out of practice now. Don't listen to classical much anymore, but Vivaldi, Berlioz, Mozart, and of course Beethoven are among my favorites.
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i think i love absolutely all types of music, well the good examples of all genres at least, have been getting more into classical as the radio is getting increasingly mainstream (god, even JJJ!). i play the clarinet, accordian, sing and play as much piano as i need for composing purposes. i actually had a concert today, mmm, lots of berlioz (respect damgo). and then i went to a concert at the school of music which was brilliant, liszt, grieg and tchaikovsky, ahh so many pianos concertos... i would say tchaikovsky is my fave composer, number 6 is stunning, will brave the 4 hour drive to sydney to hear it played soon, hopefully.
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Originally posted by damgo
hey... another IDM fan, cool. I dig Squarepusher, but mainly now I am listening to more downtempo stuff like K&D, a lot of Ninja Tunes.

A lot of good old fashioned Jungle sounds down tempo compared with the harder edge of IDM :wink:. Having said that, Andrea Parker and Mira Calix seem to be able to bring things down to a mellower pace, whilst still having that 'edge', and Boards of Canada tend to be quite chilled...if at the expense of making it sound like you're sitting in some horribly chic interior decorating TV show.
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My fav would have to be heavy metal, but I love Bach. As the late great Cliff Burton once said, "Bach is God."

The bands I like are Pantera, Sepultura, Metallica (only Kill 'Em All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets and the Black one)
Burn the Priest and Rob Zombie. And I used to play bass but I smashed it. Don't ask.
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Do you think you're better off without Boards of Canada?

Mira Calix is good. But don't even start with that Boards of Canada ****! :wink: How about "making you want to fling yourself off the Golden Gate bridge?" Good Lord, if I have to hear MHTRTC one more time, I will, I swear it.
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OH MY GOD! You mean there're actually other people out there who hate Boards of Canada?! I've been dreaming of this moment for so long that I'm not sure how to react.

Nearly everyone in the world ever: "Hey, into IDM? Cool"

Long suffering old me: "Uhhh..."

NEitWE: "Hey, I heard this great band the other day"

LSOM: "Hmmm"

NEitWE: "They're called Boards of Canada...and they ROCK! Do you like them?"

LSOM: "I thought that this was where the conversation was heading. Now, be a good chap and make yourself amenable to receiving some imminent hurtage."

That's nearly every single conversation I've had with people in the IDM environment. Not that I have anything against liking BoC, or those who do, it sometimes just freaks me out that they are so legion.
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lol. I suppose that is a difference between Europe and the States -- most people here haven't even heard of IDM, let alone BoC.
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i play trumpet, french horn, melophone(a cross between the prev two).

mostly i listen to rock type stuff. classic rock sounding stuff usually. Pink Floyd is the all time fav, but i'll listen to anything depending on my mood.

IDM, BoC[?]
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IDM = Intelligent Dance Music.

Yes, it is a stupid sounding term, especially since you'd have a pretty hard time of it dancing to some of the stuff falling under this category. I prefer 'electronica' myself, which is nicely vague and ever so slightly pretentious. Just like my dear old self.

BoC = Boards of Canada.

Just one such group working in IDM. There are a few record labels out there for IDM, although by far the most well known is probably Warp. Uninteresting fact: They're not from Canada.

Basically, if you've heard a soundtrack to some dull car advert or the like which sounds all 'experimental' cool with an electronic flavour, chances are you're listening to IDM. If you've heard Radiohead's Kid A etc, and thought "Ye gods! These kerrazy recording techniques and experiments are out of this world!", you've been listening to a rip off of some of IDM's tamer, ten year old tricks.
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I like Oumou Sangare from Mali. I like a lot of Mali music. Otherwise it's strictly blues for me.

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