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Your favorite WinXP Software?

  1. Jul 11, 2004 #1
    Hey guys;

    I was curious what your favorite utilities are for WinXP? I just had to reformat my laptop (it's always fun reformating for the first time when you are using a computer that a vendor built, and not one you built yourself. It was a bit weird having to find all my device drivers.)

    Anyways.... Here are some software I use:

    Ad-Aware 6 - It's a SpyWare remover. It works really well, and they constantly update their database and you can set it up to automatically download the new database.

    TuneUp Utilities 2004 - It's a computer-fixing suite thing. I bought it, and it was defeinitly worth it. To be honest, I pirated a ****load of the system utility softwares until I found one that I liked, and then I bought this one because it actually worked. I may be "flamed" for saying such, but there is just so much ****ty software out there that people want you to pay for and it's garbage. I found that this software is not garbage. It has all the stuff like in TweakUI, but it has a ton of other things. It has a temp file cleaner that searchs your harddrive for all sorts of temp files, etc, it has a *very* good reg cleaner. I found a lot of other reg cleaners would clean the reg but end up screwing up a lot of programs. This one seems "smart". it also has a registry defragger which really is nice, it reduces the size of your registry. It has all sorts of things like if you like to do diff. icons for WinXp, themes, etc, just a lot of stuff that a lot of other software packages does, but combines them into this. really nice stuff :)

    McAfee Virus Scan - I don't know how good this software is, I like it, and on my other computers it caught a *ton* of viruses. I use it because it came with my original Dell and i've just been subscribing to it ever since. Any better software out there?

    ZoneAlarm - this is my favorite firewall. I hope that no one with a WinXP comp browses without a firewall. I always hear how the computer can be comproimsed in minutes without the firewall, but i've never read anything about it (links??) When I reinstalled I had to browse the net for a while iwthout the firewall, but had no problems (although I'm behind a firewall on my router.) I see that ZoneLabs offers a new software suite that has their firewall and a virusscan built in, that could save some resources, right? You get a fat discount on the package if you have the UPC to an existing virus scanner software (which is searchable on the net ......)

    SmartFTP - this is a nice, free FTP program. I like it, its simple. Any other suggestions?

    FireFox - wow this *free* webbrowser blows my mind. I love it, its so fun to use and easy to modify, and you can add what you want and dont get all the bloat, customizable, i love how my toolbar is setup on it (i'll have to post a pic later.)

    VNC Viewer - I use this, its a free remote access software. I use it to log onto my home-theater PC and mess with the settings. it allows complete remote access, is very quick, and very free :)

    Trillian - i only use this occasionally to talk to friends on the net (i dont have many friends.) Is there any software that does AOL IM that is small, easy to use and free?

    I also use PaintShopPro, KazaaLiteK++, mIRC, and GMAIL for email. But those software suck. What is a good p2p software that wont get you sued? :)

    What software do you keep on your systems that you love?
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