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Your Favorite Writers?

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    I know this is a physics and science forum, but we do need a well-rounded community right? :smile:

    My favorite writers:

    (1) Charles Dickens
    (2) Sylvia Plath
    (3) Ntoshake Shange
    (4) Roger Penrose
    (5) Alexander Dumas
    (6) William Shakespeare
    (7) Emily Bronte
    (8) Charlotte Bronte

    Charles Dickens takes the #1 spot, because of his innovative prose. His stories too were very coherent (especially David Copperfield) my favorite. Although I did not particularly enjoy Bleak House.

    Shakespeare is good too, but I am not a fan of the Old English Dialect. His sonnets are good (i.e. the Shakespearean sonnett). Also, I really liked The Tempest, and Macbeth.

    Who are your favorite authors? Why? Is it because of the plot and story, the writing style (i.e. voice), literary devices, etc..

    From these authors, which works do you enjoy?
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    Believe it or not, Shakespeare wrote in Modern English. Beowolf is writen in Old English. I don't have a favorite author or book. Most recently read was "A Clockwork Orange" by Anthony Burgess.
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    Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) is perhaps my favorite author. Ambrose Bierce may have had a sharper wit, but Clemens got things across with a folksy self-deprecating humor that grows on you. If you have not read "Innocents Abroad", you are in for a treat. It was a journal published as a serial in newspapers recording his participation in a tour of Europe and the Holy Land. You'll laugh, you'll cry...then you'll stop crying and convulse in laughter. His humor is dry and subtle and his insights are on-point.
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