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Your first semester in college

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    Remember the Ivy, fresh out of high school?

    Meeting new roommates, signing up for and attending classes, exploring the campus and setting routines. Cheering on you sports teams, exchanging traditions, coping with stress and homesickness.

    Not to mention the excitement of sophomores scoping out dating opportunities!
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    nothing like that with mine.

    20 minutes bus ride from home to go to university. So none of the roommate or flatmate stuff.

    Everyone I know started their degree doing engineering, I did physics. Found out 95% of people in my physics classes are people who failed to get into engineering faculty, which made me a little sick. I also had to deal with the same questions to anyone that decided to talk to me "you did so well in school, why didn't you do engineering?"

    first year courses were not stressful for me really. I really should have used that year to build up my social network, join clubs, meet new people etc. But instead I spent most of that year randomly walking around the campus and play videos at home.

    I guess I did learn the lesson of not to waste a year like that...
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    Lots of booze and women.
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    Mine were in the library...I didn`t get to see the sun much.
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    I went to community college. My best memory from my first semester was the fact that I wasn't in high school anymore
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    Studied hard. Played harder.
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    Let's see... apart from taking 16 hours of credits and have to study everyday, I get to hold my single status longer.
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    I bombed my first semester. Absolutely hated what I was doing. After that though I buckled down and got going. It never really mattered that I did terribly my first semester by the time I graduated.
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