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Your goal in your science?

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    Simple as subject . What would you like to do, what kind of change would you like to make, what's your goal, in what field (what is the future of your science)? How do you see your future (job related)? What are you aiming to? C'mon physicists, engineers, molecular biologysts, what are your dreams what kind of future will you create ?
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    VERY good question, actually.. I was just browsing all the different sites which list job openings etc to see what kind of demand there is and what kind of biomedical research there is available. I am also currently orienting myself on the kind of promotion research that is available :)

    Unfortunately.. haven't found anything good yet..
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    This is not as much a science but i wanna be the best mercedes benz technician. simple.
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    I've achieved a happy state of success in the world of software, so my going back to school for physics/astronomy is merely a pursuit of further understanding. It would be fantastic to have my musings some day revered as something noteworthy, but the pursuit of profound understanding is a personal one.
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    My goal (and hope) is to study the sun, particularly its internal oscillations.
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    Since I'm studing computer science, it would be ideal for me to make a new generation of software. But since that is probably not going to happen, I would settle with just being a popular programmer.
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    My ultimate goal: Somehow find a way to make chloroplast a part of human skin cells(or find another way for humans to photosynthesise) and effectively end/greatly diminish world hunger. At this point I've only vague, unsupported ideas on how this may be accomplished, but as more is learned about the process of photosynthesis and genetic engineering, I feel I could at lest start some research that may lead to my dream being realized sometime later on.
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    to continue to learn...also, i hope in my lifetime i am able to witness the discovery of how life in our universe is ultimately interconnected...right now there are some promising theories...
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    Well I wouldn't like to go away from the basic subject, but my friend it won't do. Too small m^2 of the skin, and we burn too much (fast metabolism), so no way amigo (or you have some solutions for this morphological disability).

    Nevertheless I greet that idea, I'm into science for similar reasons (for that i've chosen med sciences before physics, which is more compatible to my machinery)!
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    m^2 meaning surface area? I didn't really plan on people being able to solely rely on the glucose made in photosynthesis, obviously we still need other food sources, but hey, some green africans/indians who aren't as starving as they were before they got my magic photosynthesis shot or whatever wouldn't be a bad thing.
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