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Your Main Reasons Why You Aren't Religious/Spiritual?

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    I am reminded of mine every time I go to sleep: unconsciousness.

    I can't believe so many people think they are going to heaven, purgatory, hell, an afterlife etc. when they are reminded every night of "non-experience" and how it is impossible for conscious beings to experience "non-experience". Of course we can't prove what happens after death but c'mon people, there is no use worrying about things that have really, really, really low probabilities.

    A few others:

    - If this God fellow wanted to tell everyone he existed and to actually get people to know he is there and have faith in him, do you really think ancient pieces of paper were the best way?

    - The best and most logical reason people believe in God is because they can't explain what was before the universe. But then again: Who created the creator? Who created the creator's creator? It makes no sense to say that just because we can't explain what created the universe means we should think something created it, which would have to be created by something, which would have to be created by something ad infinitum. It makes more sense to believe in an infinite number of universes, or that our universe just arose from some random event.

    Post Away!
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Debates about personal religious beliefs are not allowed.

    Please review the posting guidelines.
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