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Homework Help: Your opinion/feedback please.

  1. Sep 29, 2007 #1
    *Moderators: If you find the place of this thread is not here, please move it to wherever possible, thank you!*

    Good day people;

    First of all, very interesting website.

    I have a problem, and I would sincerely ask for your solution or whatever advice you can give me.

    I have a Physics exam that is coming in one month. My skills in solving physics problems are low and I would like to improve that because that exam is extremely important.

    My question, what is the best way to study? I cannot study alone because I need a lot of explanation. Hiring a tutor who would take $20/hour is somhow expensive considering the fact that I need a lot of hours.
    Are there any institutions I can join (currently living in Montreal) that can help me study Mechanical Physics? (This includes: Energy, Linear/Anular Momentum, Mechnical Oscillations, Forced Oscillations and fluid dynamics).

    Or, are there any websites that can provide me detailed help for my questions? (Online help for example?).

    I really need your feedback/opinion please as it is really important.

    Thank you very much.
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  3. Sep 29, 2007 #2
    Welcome to the forums.

    Do you have halliday and resnick. Read it for theory. The book is really good for theory.

    And then if you have any doubts while solving the problems or undersatnding the theory, fell free to post it here.Everyone here is to help each other.
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