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Your physics soundtrack is?

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    What music helps you tune out everything else except whatever physics you are working on?

    Give a brief description. Some of mine are;

    Animals as leaders - a djent metal fusion 3 piece with no bass player (as far as I can tell). They play weird time signatures and no vocals. Extremely talented musicians.

    Maria Callas - old school opera; soprano.

    Art Tatum - piano jazz.
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    You might like this version;

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    That's quite horrible - but thanks for posting .
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    I recall doing homework listening to Old Pink Floyd psychedelia, like: A Saucerful of Secrets, Set the Controls to the Heart of the Sun, etc. The music is relaxing and seemed to induce abstract thinking. True "physics rock", if there was ever such a thing.
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    There is such a thing indeed.
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    underground hip hop/hip hop with jazz influence.

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    I'm more of a math student, but these would equally apply when I'm studying physics. Mostly, I like listening to classical music while I'm studying.

    Mozart is a favorite of mine; some of his solo piano works can be dry, but his symphonies and concertos are excellent study music.

    Lately, though, I've been listening to a lot of Hall & Oates both when studying and when I go running. It's addictively catchy.

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    Depending on my mood, I like Bach, Mozart, or Beethoven, or else some popular Germanic music from the present day. Here's an example of the latter.

    Here's another example. I could give hundreds more.


    For pure instrumental music, I enjoy Klaus Wunderlich and Richard Clayderman, although the latter causes my mind to wander sometimes. I also like Kitaro, in particular his music for Queen Millennia.

    Just recently I've found that if I really need a jolt it's good to listen to Rammstein. This is just for waking up, not for concentrating.

    I just remembered an interesting passage from the novel 2001: A Space Odyssey. After Dave Bowman is left alone on the Discovery One, he listens to various types of music. He settles on Bach.
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    I typically listen to white noise exclusively when studying anything like math or physics but I like downtempo instrumental hip hop whenever I don't want to listen to TV static.

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