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Your semester?

  1. Sep 20, 2005 #1

    For a while I've been doing this little thing where everyone goes on and describes their semester for all to see.

    I'm a little late this time for those in the US, but the academic year over here only starts next week.

    I'll go first : I'm entering my last year of my master this year (woot!). The courseload for this semester will be :

    General Relativity & Application in Cosmology
    Elementary Particle Physics Theory : the Standard Model
    Quantum Field Theory : Functional Quantisation
    Mathematical Methods of Physics II : Integral Equations

    In addition, my advisor has already given quite some stuff to read (like Weinberg's GR book, and Green, Schwarz & Witten's book on String Theory :eek: ).

    So, fellow college students, what are you up to this semester?
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  3. Sep 20, 2005 #2
    Economics, Sociology, Philosophy, English
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    I'm on the second year of my Physical Geography Masters.
    My modlues are:
    Core skills in physical geography (experimental, labwork and fieldwork techniques.)
    Physical environment (Landforms and landform processes)
    People, land and time (Recent landscape development encompassing human and physical processes)
  5. Sep 20, 2005 #4
    I'm taking Operating Systems, Advanced Programming in Java, Data Structures and Algorithms, and Ordinary Differential Equations. It's been more than two weeks since the quarter started, and I've only been to 3 or 4 classes :smile:
  6. Sep 20, 2005 #5
    Sophmore astrophysics and math majors.
    Calc 4: advanced calc, Fundmentals of math theory: (intro to set theory, number theory group theory... ect..) Complex Variables Calc, Physics: Mechanics, Physics lab, Physics Colliqium, and Brave New World, (a comp lit course.)

    ... full course load, :yuck:
  7. Sep 20, 2005 #6
    2nd year university:

    Advanced Electrodynamics
    Statistical Mechanics
    Modern physics lab.
    Algebraic Topology
    Russian language

  8. Sep 20, 2005 #7
    Calculus II w/Analytical Geometry (I'm currently failing this class :cry: , we've only had three quizes but I failed two of them. Just a bunch of crazy integrals I tell ya!!!)
    Discovering Physics
    General Physics B w/o Lab
    Freshman Composition and Rhertoric
    Ancient Mythology
  9. Sep 20, 2005 #8
    3rd year.

    Intro to astronomy
    Intro to Java
    Discrete Structures
    Abstract Algebra 1
  10. Sep 21, 2005 #9
    Statistical Mechanics? Algebraic Topology? I knew Russian universities were tough, but DAMN! :bugeye:
  11. Sep 21, 2005 #10
    I'm not in Russia, I'm learning Russian the language.
  12. Sep 21, 2005 #11

    You're nuts....

    Are you working towards a second degree or what?
  13. Sep 21, 2005 #12
    I don't see what the fuss is about. This is an undergraduate schedule, in which subjects are watered-down and the matter condensed into a semester (half-year). Everyone should study topology.
  14. Sep 21, 2005 #13
    I'll cover all those things too....but not in my second year...

    What do you plan to take for the next two years after this year is done?
  15. Sep 21, 2005 #14
    I would love to take topology next semester, but it probably won't work with my schedule. :frown:

    Right now: High School Senior, taking Abstract Algebra.
  16. Sep 21, 2005 #15
    Thats because at a lot of foreign universities you don't have to take courses outside of your field or that are related to your field. Most US institutions emphasize a liberal arts education and breadth. There is no way a normal college US soph would be doing algebraic topology they would be studying something like literature, philosophy, ethics, humanities etc. instead.
  17. Sep 21, 2005 #16
    Year 2, Level 1;

    Dynamics, Vibrations and Waves
    Electricity and Magnetism
    Introduction to Astronomy and Cosmology
    Thermal Physics
    Experimental Techniques I (20 credit points)
    Experimental Techniques II
    Introduction to the Analysis of Scientific Data and Modelling of Physical Systems
  18. Sep 21, 2005 #17
    Do you attend a private school? I only ask because I find it hard to believe very many California high school math teachers are capable of teaching through calculus III let alone abstract algebra or topology. That and there would hardly be enough high school students enrolled in such classes to justify their existence. And for that matter...why are you still in high school? You should be in college...
  19. Sep 21, 2005 #18
    I go to a public high school, but I take this class at UC Berkeley after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That's also why I probably won't be able to take topology next semester: it would have to start at or after 3:00 pm, and that's not very likely.

    I'm only this far ahead in math. And I wouldn't skip any years of high school even if I had the chance. Its just too much fun. :smile:
  20. Sep 22, 2005 #19


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    Second year masters program:

    Aeroelasticity (how aircraft structures react when subjected to aerodynamic loads)
    Engineering Optimization

    and of course, the everpresent research.
  21. Sep 22, 2005 #20
    hehe Physics junior..

    Art History
    Social Psychology
    History of film

    its gonna be tough!!
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