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Your thoughts on taking 3 math classes and Econometrics?

  1. Nov 4, 2013 #1
    So I in a couple more months I will be completing my Gen. ed. requirements(which I'm so happy about!!!), but now I am wondering if I should fill all my available time slots with all science and math courses. This coming semester I will be taking Intro to Probability Theory, Numerical Analysis, and Intro to Proof for sure. The CS class that I was planning to take (and need to take) conflicts with my schedule so I was thinking about taking Econometrics(my first choice) or Mathematical Physics(my second choice) this spring. My stats professor said that the 3 math classes are probably good and my advisor said he didn't recommend it but then said I might be alright. I would like to get the community's thoughts as well so what do you guys think?
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