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Your top 10 courses?

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    Hey guys. I love making lists, and I love people's opinions. so I wanna know what your favorite classes were!

    Feel free to separate your lists into science/engineering classes and non-technical classes if you want, and I'd love if you could explain why you liked these classes too.
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    1. Sleeping
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    2. Video Games
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    3. PF :biggrin:
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    4. Pissing drizzle off for using the evil grin way too much.
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    5. Building trades.
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    Not in any particular order:
    1. Grammar -> I think structurally/systematically, so seeing it applied to the English language was really cool. (Plus, I work as a writing tutor, so it's good to know the terms.)
    2. Substance Abuse Treatment -> just something very different, and gave me a really good view on clinical psychology
    3. Experimental Psychology ->Experiment construction is cool, and again this is more systems/structure/science type stuff.

    1. Switching Systems->Digital logic and k-maps is why I chose my major in the first place, and this class didn't disappoint.
    2. Assembly programming-> Assembly's one of my favorite languages, love the bare-bones nitpicking of it.
    3. Micro-controller Programming lab (actually all the EE/CS/science labs) -> hands on stuff is always awesome
    4. Intro to Theoretical Computer Science->finite state automata
    5. probability/statistics->I've taken courses from the EE & psychology departments saw some combinatorics in discrete math, and am currently taking the math dept's version and it's just cool to see how everyone takes a slightly different appraoch
    6. linear time systems & differential equations- Laplace and Fourier transforms are fun
    7. Calc 3 -> limits/series
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    Chaos Theory- Like taking the blinders off after years of studying problems which have the life simplified right out of them.
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    I love it but when one thing in the code goes wrong ....
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    Why eek?
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    I have a tendency like many physicists to get extremely discouraged when anything is non-ideal. =p
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    Good that you include non-science/ engineer/math course. Because I wouldn't even have 10 courses on my list ;-). I mean, come on, there are only THAT many courses.
    No particular order
    1. SR/GR and Cosmology in undergrad level - I like the subject. Period. Probably because It's heavily mathematics?
    2. QM - the instructor is solid.
    3. Rome History - The professor is intelligent, knowledgable, great lecturer. And most important, he has an British Accent. I think somehow I am very addicted to such accent ;-).
    4. I think all of my upper level math classes are enlightening. Yes, I need to en-light my desk light way pass mid night. But same for physics, I guess... Seriously, they are really interesting in its pure form
    5. A lot of my history classes. The sheer amount of information, stories are just plainly interesting.
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    I took an advanced undergraduate course in 2001 called "Numerical Methods in Physics". It really sparked my interest in computational physics and Matlab.
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    1. Graph algorithms
    2. Public key cryptography
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    1. Information Theory and Data Compression
    2. Computer Graphics
    3. Calculus of Several Variables

    I'm taking education subjects (practicals) which I'm looking forward to doing (new set of skills, out of my comfort zone, should be good)
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