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Your view on organised religion?

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    Hi, I don't intend on starting a debate or breaking any of the forum rules. I'd simply like to know the views this forum has on organised religion. Do you associate yourselves with a religion? Are you a practising follower? etc.
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    The majority of the thriving democracies in the world today are moderately socialist and the vast majority of their populations consider themselves "spiritual" rather than religious (ie- they don't attend services.) These countries tend to have significantly lower abortion, homocide, and STD rates.

    In contrast, the more fundamentalist a society the more classist and capitalist. China provides an anacdote for why this occurs. As China has become more capitalistic more Chinese have turned to religion. Often when asked why they reply that they used to depend upon the government to help instill values and morals in their children. Many of them are turning to Christianity in particular because it has a proven track record in Capitalistic societies. Among the fledgling capitalist economies this preference for fundamentalism seems likely to help them get their economy going.

    However, the implications are that when a government provides sufficient support for its citizens they no longer feel the need to turn to religion, and that secular societies appear capable of producing on many of the promises that religions make but can't keep such as creating a more ethical society.
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    Another interesting question would be how religious or atheism/humanism tendencies would relate to the four Keirsey temperaments.

    So would guardians, who tends to "trust authority and to seek security", be more religous minded than rationals who "rely on objective observations and factual analysis"?
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    Ironically put best by the first tabloid journalist:

    "When I was a child I spoke as a child I understood as a child I thought as a child; but when I became a man I put away childish things."
    I Cor. xiii. 11.
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    I'm afraid if I say what I think about organized religion, I might end up with a hefty amount of infractions.
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    Closing before the infractions start flying.
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