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You're building a house, and you want it to truly have a future-proof wiring system

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    Say you're building your own house and you want the wiring system to be truly upgradeable. You know you can't just put the 'latest and greatest' data/electrical jacks in it, because those too will become obsolete.

    I've been thinking that in my next dream home, I would want PVC pipes going from place to place connecting all the electricals. And I would also want walls or some parts of the walls that are panels, and easily removeable to access the wiring. This could be done fairly easily with paneling, actually.

    How would you go about it?
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    Re: You're building a house, and you want it to truly have a future-proof wiring syst

    Simplest is just to run Cat5 (ethernet cable), it is likely that future standards are going to be digital and there is so much ethernet out there in the world that new standards are going to be layered on top of it rather than require some new cable technology where possible. 10Gb ethernet gives you the capacity to run 10,000s HD TV channels simultaneously.

    Fibre is more difficult to put in ion advance, it's expensive, the terminations are expensive and there are a range if standards/connectors. You could run plastic hose pipe with a reasonably smooth bend radius to allow for fibre in the future.

    For truly future proof - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jefferies_tube
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