Your's Cell Phone

  1. Which mobile do you have??
    And And Which factors did you considered while buying your mobile phone like brand,look,size etc. etc.
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  3. wolram

    wolram 3,730
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    I bought the cheapest on the market, tried it for a while then left it in the
    cupboard, i think they are a money drain i can do without :smile:
  4. BobG

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    I lost mine months ago. But, wait a minute, I'm thinking on my feet here....

    Woah! Who'd a thunk it?! It was stuck to the bottom of the telephone table! I'd have never of thought of looking there! (Thanks, wolram) :rofl:
  5. Cingular wireless...'raising the bar.'

    But I want an iced out T-Mobile sidekick.
  6. Moonbear

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    I chose mine for a variety of reasons...small flip phone that would fit in my purse without keys being accidentally pressed (that was always a problem with my previous phone, which was also so heavy it would make my pants fall down if I clipped it to my belt), plus I got one that's tri-mode since I travel through areas that don't always have digital yet (or at least it was the case when I first got it, so still needed to pick up analog signal). And went with a provider that had the best range of service in the places I travel, including Canada (I was one of the few people from the US attending the conference in Quebec that could get cell signal).
  7. My entire family uses Nextel, for the two-way, which goes coast to coast now.
  8. wolram

    wolram 3,730
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    Cleaver dick. i also :rofl:
  9. [​IMG]

    I like it because it has a radio, mp3 player(the phone also has a memory stick pro duo slot), good camera(best on a cell phone that I have ever seen), bluetooth, LOUD and CLEAR speakerphone which can also be used for playing music loudly(and sounds so extraordinarily well, you wouldn't believe it came from that little thing)....

    I honestly love this little toy

    I have actually found some uses for the camera, listen to mp3's or radio quite frequently, etc..... I LOVE IT
  10. JasonRox

    JasonRox 2,327
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    I don't use one at all.

    It seems like everyone has it now... well basically everyone does. I don't plan on getting one for awhile, maybe in 4-5 years.
  11. Cell phones are an instrument of the devil!:devil:
  12. That's cool. How many megapixels on the camera?
  13. ranger

    ranger 1,684
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    I'm the only one of all my friends who does not have a cell phone. But that doesnt bother me though. I dont plan on getting one...nor do I need one.
  14. 2
    It has autofocus, there are tons of settings including white balance settings. It has a strong flashlight on the front, which can be used as a flash light or to aid the camera at night. At the finest settings, it truly does take good pictures.
    Here are some pictures I have taken (note, I suck at photography):
    *Click on pictures for full size (2mp)*

    so yeah, they aren't of the best quality, but I think it's acceptable considering it's a phone.

    EDIT: The model of this cell phone is Sony Ericsson K750i which is nearly identical to the Sony Ericsson W800i
  15. my cell phone was pretty nice and cheap when i bought it... its now two years old and all my friends make fun of me for having the "dinosaur phone." i don't even have a color screen and the ring tone song is a bunch of old fashioned beeps.
  16. Not too bad for snapshots. I don't imagine it'll be too long before they can get 5 mp in a phone camera. Sounds like a neat phone in general.
  17. Evo

    Staff: Mentor

    moose, I thought the first picture was a wig gone wrong. :biggrin: I see from the second picture it actually unfolds into a dog. :rofl:
  18. I don't have a cell phone either. I would need a job to pay for one, and I don't want to work :smile:
  19. I don't care about how large the photos are, 2mp is plenty. Quality is what we want to get out of these phones someday. My sisters old 1mp fuji will run circles around any 7mp vivitar. If you were to place good optics and a good censor, I can imagine great things! Like the nokia n90 I think, will use zeiss optics.... can't wait to see the picture quality.

    Amazing isn't it?
    its mah doggie!!!!
  20. matthyaouw

    matthyaouw 1,216
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    I have a Sagem MYX3. It was about the cheapest and most basic I could get my hands on.
  21. Janus

    Janus 2,367
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    Here's mine:

    It was the one I could get for free with my phone upgrade.
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