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Your's purpose of life

  1. Aug 20, 2006 #1
    Your's purpose of life!!

    I hope i don't want to hear about the aims but rather like what do you want from life.....like the most common line which i hear is "i want to know who i am".....have you been precisely able to define that what you want from life and is it necessary to want something from life....there comes a point when you start questioning even very basic questions...and it becomes tough when very fundamental things become questions itself..
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    Enough money to be comfortable so that I can concentrate on what really matters(enjoying life in whatever way takes my fancy I guess) Apart from that just a happy set of memories when I die, very vague but I'm not looking for the moon, just having an enjoyable existence and whatever it takes to get that is enough for me(don't even care if I don't get all I want, so long as I get what I really need) Anything particularly tangible doesn't interest me that much, I'm not very materialist and money is a means to an end, nothing else.

    As to the existential stuff, leave that up to the philosophers, just don't feel part of some directive, that you must be seen to be successfull whatever society dictates of you, if I'm a failure in someones eyes because I never propogated myself or never earnt 50K then whatever, why do I care what society tells us is important, surely what you yourself feel is important is more fullfiling, step off the elevator, and walk at your own pace for a change. That's how I see it, lifes a bit pointless or absurd, might as well make the most of it while it lasts. Because if the Religions are wrong your worm food and that's it.
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    im still a youngster, only 19, but i think i know what i want in life. in general, i want to be in a state, that when i wake in the morning, i will know what are my goals are for today, goals which i will enjoy.
    wanting to reach a certain point in life is futile, enjoying a process is a bliss.

    as for the specific goals, i want to learn physics, keep thinking as a curious child (questioning everyting, and getting into this "thinking trans").
    after that, i want a job which is not mind numbing, in the area of physics, though i could compromize on engineering.

    as for the social part, a good woman, and a small group of good friends, would be enough.

    heh, who knows, i might die any second now =)
    but it shouldnt be about what u have done untill u died, its about what u are doing untill the day u die.
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    Tuvia....i like your take on life...
    but i see still other guys are shy about sharing with us!
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    Enough knowlage and understanding to build my dreams.
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    Nothing, and I suppose it'll stay that way.

    I don't feel like I can uniquely provide something that people need. There's nothing that singles me out, except perhaps my sense of aesthetics, but aesthetics have no real purpose.
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    1) financial independence,

    2) a meaningful long-term relationship (that feels like a dirty, quick fling),

    3) to be involved in (and make intellectual contributions to) the scientific community

    4) this goes with 1) but, my own land, where I've built a 'broken' house (where all the rooms are their own buildings)
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    Mickey, you are uniquely you - that singles you out. :approve: :biggrin:
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    I meant in the marketable sense. o:)
  11. Aug 30, 2006 #10
    1) Eat
    2) Have children
    3) Be eaten

    Been there done that on 1 and 2. Still haven't accomplished 3.
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