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Youtube: fad or will it have a permanent place in our culture?

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    Whats your opinion? Do you think youtube is just a fad for people to make and watch substanceless virial videos or do you think it is the television of the 2000's and television will become what radio became in the 1950's. I don't think youtube is a fad; I think it open doors for many conversations that would not be had on television concerning debates between atheists and creationists, libertarians and anarchists received extra airtime, and people's individual outlook on a particular topic.In addition, many talented comedic people like itsjustsomerandomguy and the angry nintendo nerd who probably would not have gotten famous if it were not for youtube; I don't think youtube is just a fad, but I do believe it will have serious competitors in the future given the number of rules that youtube users have to follow
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    They are certainly the "go to" site for videos - like ebay for auctions. I don't think anyone will surpass them anytime soon.
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    amazing video.
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    Ya. it seems like an intro into a really awesome Sci-Fi movie.
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    Youtube was a fad. It's not working anymore... :rofl:

    Edit: Disregard. Just as I was typing my post, Youtube came back up again after being dead for several hours... :redface:
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    I think that youtube specifically will continue to do well though may be usurped eventually by another site quite like MySpace lately seems to be caught up with or falling behind FaceBook.

    The important aspect of youtube is that is places control in the hands of creators rather than corporations. Hopefully soon with rapid prototyping machines and the like we will see the same thing happen for engineers and the industries fed by other peoples patentable ideas.
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    I think YouTube will continue to be popular, just as Google has really claimed the search engine market. How long will it last? I'm not sure. Unless they reach some capacity limit that slows down their videos too much, they'll probably be a player at least until some other type of technology replaces videos online. Afterall, for as long as there have been ways to create home movies, people have done so. The changes will be in the format those are collected and shared in.
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