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YouTube videos not loading fully

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    This has been happening for the past couple of months on YouTube: The video doesn't load fully no matter how long I leave the browser open. It is especially frustrating when I am stuck in places with low bandwidth and cannot load the video while I'm watching it.

    Do you guys face this problem? Do you know how to get around it?
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    Yeah I ever faced this recurrent problem. I refresh, sometimes it work, others not. I found no good solution.
    A new problem I have since a few days is I can't select the time of the video. If I click on the bar at the bottom where I'd like to watch the video, it loads the latest loaded part. It used to load where I wanted, before that new problem. I found no remedy for this either.
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    I haven't faced this particular glitch. When I want to watch a YouTube video, I have to cue it up and just go to a different page for a while. I have the crappiest ADSL ever, and I can't even stream low-res content like Colbert or Daily clips. It would be frustrating to get only part of a clip and not have it load fully after 10-15 minutes of waiting.

    @OP - what browser are you using? I'm using Chrome, and even with my horrible connection, content loads eventually. Good luck.
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    Sometimes you have to know little tricks to get the videos to work. Especially if you've skipped around in them.

    They only have billions of dollars to fix it.
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    I have noticed it too. I wonder if it is not a "feature" - video is not downloaded unless you are watching it. Saves YT on bandwidth.
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    Yes, I also have a feeling it's a 'feature'. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be an option to switch it off.


    I too use Chrome. However, this is a problem I face on all my browsers.
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