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You've always come through in the past but this is a toughie

  1. Mar 17, 2004 #1
    Everytime I ask a question in here I get answers by the truck load, but those are physics questions. What I'm looking for now is the name of a song. It's the instrumental associated with strip tease. That old burlesque tune. Anyone know what it's called and where I can find it?
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    You don't mean

    At the bur-lesk theeater
    Where the boys all go
    To see Queenie of the bur-lesk show..

    That one? I tried to google it a few months ago but since I son't know the title (either) all my combinations came up empty.
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    No, the one I'm thinking of has no words. It's probably 50+ years old. Its a raunchy trumpet tune strippers play while they take off their clothes.
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    It's called "The Stripper." Wonder why.
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    you can leave your hat on ... ?
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    Are you talking about the one they used in that shaving creme commercial from years ago? ("Take it off. Take it ALL off..."?) If so, I think that Holly is right - it IS called "The Stripper". Try googling "The Stripper".
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    Wait till your family is around before you try googling it. I'm sure they'll want to help you :wink:
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    lol, that wasn't the one I was thinking of, but it is the one I should have been thinking of. Thanks. I feel like an idiot though. I've been googleing striptease, strip, burlesque etc.
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    You may be thinking of "Strip Polka" from WWII, or Twirly Burly, aka Twirly Whirley. Or "Melody for a G-String." Some old waltzes were altered for burlesque music, too. Be careful searching, you can have some nasty sites show up.
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