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Homework Help: Yr 11 Physics EEI Help

  1. Aug 11, 2009 #1
    Yr 11 Physics EEI Help!!!

    Hello all I would like to start be asking is this in the right area if not please tell me. Next, the problem I have is that I have been handed a physics assignment in which I need to analyse the physics behind a particular sport (not in depth to much just the basics really coefficient of restitution, projectile motion etc) for the EEI (extended experimental investigation) I need to write a hypothesis and test it through multiple experiments and then disscuse the results that were found .The problem is I dont know what sport to do!!!! If you could post some suggestions on sports and the physics I could analyse in the sport I would be so grateful. When nominating sports please keep in mind this is for a high school student and some equipment may not be accesible to me and that the experiments do not need to be deadly accurate or complex. Thanks for reading :smile:
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    Re: Yr 11 Physics EEI Help!!!

    Physics questions generally belong in the physics section.

    First sport that comes to mind is baseball. All it is, is change in momentum and projectile motion.

    Also there is golf. Only that the ball remains still.

    There's tennis.
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    Re: Yr 11 Physics EEI Help!!!

    Sorry about placing it in the wrong section. Thnx for the suggestions I tried tennis but it failed which is why I came here to ask. =P Thx though
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