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Homework Help: Yr 11 Question

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    I dunno whether I got this right, but something seems strange about my answers. Teacher didnt help much :(

    A satellite of mass 2.40 x 10^2 kg moving in free space at a velocity of 6.00 x 10^3 ms^-1 is struck by an unknown object that causes it to be deflected onto a new path at right angles to its original direction of motion in 0.500s

    Find the impule that acted upon the satellite if it continued to move at 6.00 x 10^3 ms^-1 after deflection

    any help would be much appreciated :)
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    Choosing the x-direction opposite to the original movement of the spaceship, and the y-direction perpendicular, along the x-direction the object decelerates from v_0 to rest, and along the y-direction it accelerates from rest to the final speed. Then you can apply the pythagorean theorem for the magnitude of the net impulse and arctan for the angle.
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