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Yukawa interaction

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    Hello There I may have some mistakes so correct me when I wrote something wrong.My question is:what's the yukawa's interaction and why it is not part of standard model?
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    I remembered having seen that once it was to compute the fourier transform of the coulomb potential it is like $$V(r)=\frac{e^{-ar}}{r}$$ then you put a to zero after the transform.
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    Thank you very much(;But what is α
    PS! Am I correct that r is radius?
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    a is just some adjustable parameter. There are other threads on the topic too maybe worth to look at them.
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    Thank you so much it helped me lot.
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    The Yukawa potential was used early on to model the strong force I believe. The exponentially decaying term gave rise to an exponential weakening of the force (strong force is short distance). But we have a better picture now of the strong force (what with the gluons and stuff). The Yukawa potential itself is just a potential with some functional force, whether nature conforms to this picture is a separate issue.
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    Thx same words:biggrin:
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