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Z-pinch plasma behavior

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    I am still trying to get a handle on plasma behavior, if I had a gap intended to apply a field for the purpose of compressing a hydrogen ion stream, using the Z-pinch effect could one discharge a current through the ion stream to affect the Z-pinch? I am thinking that it would, that the electrons will flow through the ion stream and create the magnetic field that would influence the Ion stream.

    I appreciate help on this, I am just kind of thinking out loud and this is a good place to have questions like this answered.
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    more specifically speaking I know that plasma is highly conductive, I am just not sure how conductive a hydrogen ion beam is, at say 20Kev, it stands to reason that it would behave like any other plasma, but I don’t know much about it in this circumstance, like I am thinking (just hashing it out in my head) that the physical space between the ions, and the charge of the ions could prevent it from being neutral enough to become conductive (i am not sure if I am using the terminology right here).

    maybe I should just try it and find out. good ole experimentations!
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