Z scan technic

  1. hai , anybody interested in z scan ?
    plz explain the transmission curve for zscan
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    Your question is very vague, try to be more specific with what you are asking.

    First of all, what is z scan, is it a program, or do you actually mean a scan along the z direction of something. If so, what are you scanning? What is the z direction?

    If we don't know what you mean by zscan, how can we answer your question?

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    I completely agree with Claude. In some cases though (and this might be one), if you are not familiar with the terminology, you most likely won't know what this is about.

    Z-Scan is a technique used by spectroscopists, usually to study non-linear optical behavior (I think mostly in mesoscopic systems).
  5. Claude Bile

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    I did a search and found some info on z scan, it is a fairly active area of research at the moment (A quick google verified this).

    This paper had a fairly comprehensive overview of z scan, including a discussion on the transmission curves (figure 3a). Have a look at this paper and if you have further questions, post them here.

    Here is the link: http://www.lana.lt/journal/17/Dementev.pdf

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