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ZapperZ must be crushed

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    ..... at the news they're getting rid of Pluto.

    It makes sense, though. All of the other characters are anthromorphic animals. They talk and dress just like humans. Only Pluto acts like an animal. His presence creates some unresolvable conflicts ..... like how can Goofy, a dog, have a pet dog named Pluto?

    He's even drawn in a different style than the other characters. All of the other characters are flat, while Pluto is drawn with a sense of depth.

    And is it really a good idea to have a character named Pluto in cartoons for kids? Pluto is named after Pluto, which was named after Pluto, the god of the underworld. I'm not sure having kids adore a character named after the god of the underworld (even if indirectly) is a good idea. For one thing, shouldn't religion be kept separate from cartoons?

    As regretable as the loss of Pluto might be, it's good to finally have consistency and order restored among the Disney characters.
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    :rofl: According to Plato, we should not have artistic views of the ignoble. God is the doer of good and as such only does good. Therefore God can be the source of no evil, and Pluto cannot be the god of the underworld, nor any god. Our children must only learn of the true Gods. The true Gods being the source of all that is good in the world, and so, stories of Pluto must be banished from the Republic! Wow, my art theory course came in handy!

    You make Plato proud Bob.

    Next week, Hiedegger! :yuck:
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    'Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.'

    - Stephen Hawking (1942 -)

    'If we fail to anticipate the unforseen or expect the unexpected in a universe of infinite possibilites we may find ourselvers at the mercy of anyone or anything that cannot be programmed, categories or easily referenced'

    - Fox Mulder (Fight the Future, 1998)

    He will be fine :tongue:
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    Oh, who cares about those crazy astronomers! As long as Disney doesn't get ride of Pluto, I'm uncrushed.


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    By what rule is Pluto disqualified?
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    By Plato, Duh!
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    Zz crushed?

    What about me? :)
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    At least there not demoting disneyworld as a planet...
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