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Homework Help: Zeeman effect

  1. Oct 16, 2009 #1
    For a field of 15 T, I calculated the magnitude of the splitting, which was 1.391E-22 J (this is delta E), i.e.

    delta E = |e| / 2m hbar B_z (m2 - m1)
    where m2 and m1 are the m_l levels.

    In order to determine the spacings for the visible lines on the absorption spectra, will that just be relating the delta E value to lambda in the usual way?

    It seems a little strange here because the spacings would then be 1.4 mm (seems high).

    Anway.. I'd appreciate some insight.
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    I agree with your calculation.

    It is reasonable for the Zeeman splitting energy to be a lot smaller than a typical visible photon (about 2 eV), as is the case here.
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